" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Amalek In The Flesh- Part II : A Call For Vengeance

The Massacre of a Jewish Family (INN) - Warning! Graphic photos of the martyred Fogel family, may THE ALMIGHTY avenge their blood! Click the link and burn these terrible images of Arab savagery into your brain. Please make sure that all children and pregnant women are out of the room first!

Last Friday, Arabs butchered this  beautiful Jewish boy along 
with his parents, an older brother, and his 3 month old sister. 
May G-d avenge their blood and give comfort to the surviving children.
Last Friday night as we enjoyed our Shabbat dinner, Arabs perpetrated another atrocity against Am YisroelThey entered a Jewish home in the town of Itamar, and slaughtered five members of a family, including a three month old infant and two children. Sane minds and souls cannot fathom the existence of such barbarism. In their frenzied blood-lust, the Arabs stabbed a four year old in the heart, and slashed open the throat of the three month old baby. This is why we are commanded to exterminate Amalek. There is an evil in the world that transcends the possibility of repentance or rehabilitation. The lesson of Amalek is kill him, otherwise he will feed 6 million of your people to ovens and crematoria. 

The surviving children include a 2 year old boy, and they are now without an Aba or Emathanks to Bibi, Barak, and the rest of the "mixed multitude" who continue to arm the PLO and twiddle their thumbs in accordance with the impotent doctrine of "havlagah." May we see total and complete vengeance against the Arabs, and may they shriek over their dead (many millions dead, please G-d) as they have caused so many Jews to do!

The Slaughtered
Aba: Udi Fogel, age 36 -murdered by Arabs
Ema: Ruth Fogel, age 35- murdered by Arabs
Yoav Fogel, age 11-murdered by Arabs
Elad Fogel, age 4-murdered by Arabs
Hadas Fogel, 3 months old-murdered by Arabs

The "Survivors"
Tamar Fogel, age 12
Roi Fogel, age 8
Yishai Fogel, age 2

Purim Festivities? 
The public school down the block was having their annual Purim carnival this past Sunday morning. The raucous sounds of melody and mirth were particularly disturbing in the wake of the mind-numbing slaughter of the Fogel family. Another massacre of a Jewish family by Arabs, and the callous fools who run the school probably never even considered toning down the festivities. In all likelihood, they didn't even mention the slaughter to their students, which of course would be contrary to the culture of "peace" that they are  brainwashing the schoolchildren with. The Ministry of Mis-education want to portray Arabs as ordinary people who want to live in peace in Jews, not as soulless bi-pedaled beasts who are capable of the most incomprehensible atrocities. Concurrently, the insidious brainwashing process requires "the settlers" (as they call them) to be portrayed as violent extremists, not victims of Arab terror. 

The family was correct to release the nauseating pictures of the slaughter, and online news sources such as Arutz Sheva should be commended for posting themGraphic pictures are a tiny window into the nightmare of Arab barbarism.  Other than (G-d forbid) experiencing such savagery firsthand, photos convey the animalistic nature of Arabs that the government and media tries to suppress with their portrait of the mythical "moderate Arab". Naturally, the leftists are in hysterics, since pictures of Arab atrocities are the last things they want circulating about. Let them choke on their own bile. They brought the slaughter upon us. Jews need to see images of the Fogel family sprawled in pools of their own blood, their bodies punctured with holes like sieves, courtesy of multiple stab wounds.

The hell with the hasbarah (PR) nonsense about how we have to educate goyim about Arabs. The few righteous gentiles that are out there already know what Arabs are, the others hate Jews anyway. The truth of the matter is that the photos are for Jews. For secular leftists who klop al cheit every time a Jew builds a new tool-shed in Hebron. For mamlachim who believe that an erev rav government that arms terrorists still retains the status of malchut. For modern-orthodox eunuchs who are told by their roshei yeshiva that it constitutes a chillul Hashem when a Jew torches a mosque. For chareidim who refuse to fight the Arabs with the same gusto that they do (correctly so) when the homosexual parade comes to the Old City. The photos are for the apathetic and for the confused. Finally, the photos are also for Jews with proper deot.We all need a refresher course on Amalek.

Purim is upon us. This year, try not to miss the crucial lessons of Purim that often get lost in a haze of intoxication and silly "Purim Torahs". Learn the lesson of Amalek's persistence, and how they arise in every generation with plans to annihilate us.  Internalize the lesson of Jewish vengeance and violence, and of the Halachic requirement to eventually exterminate all manifestations of our oldest and most barbaric foe. (Yeshivat Har Etzion may be uncomfortable with it, but the Torah demands total annihilation of the demonic Am Lak, who spits at the heavens and laps up Jewish blood.)

Amalek: Who Is Amalek?
  • Lesson #1- Their is no "ethnic" Amalekite nation today: Thanks to King Saul, Amalek isn't one particular nation anymore. Now Amalek is every nation and any nation that wages war against Hakadosh Baruch Hu and the Am Hanivchar. The potential resides within every committed Jew-hater. Those that fully articulate their Jew hatred become Amalek. Sometimes Amalek wears a cross, other times he goose-steps around in a brownshirt. Today, he wears a kaffiyah and eats hallal. And he breaks into Jewish homes and slices the throats of sleeping infants.
  • Lesson #2- Blood Worship: Killing Jews is Amalek's lone priority. Nothing else matters. 
  • Lesson #3- Cruelty Epitomized: Amalek is a savage. The German Amalekites annihilated 6 and a half million Jews with bullets and bayonets, gas chambers, crematoria, and "scientific" human experimentation. The children of the Mufti are trying to finish the job with hatchets and bombs strapped to their chests. Amalek has a propensity for mind numbing cruelty and torture. To call him an animal is an insult to animals. Amalek chooses its insidious path. The Arab Amalekite deliberately targets and slaughters women and children, including babies at the teat. When an unfortunate Jew makes a wrong turn and stumbles into his lair, the Arab mobs tear him limb from limb in front of the television cameras while dipping their claws into the gaping wounds, like demented ghouls. The Arab Amalekite distributes candy in the streets of Gaza and Ramallah whenever some soulless demon "martyrs" himself. 
In every generation, Amalek wars with Am Yisroel. Today's current manifestation of Amalek may be a monotheist, but he worships a pagan blood deity. Heaven forbid that anyone should confuse "allah" with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Amalek, the day of retribution is coming!
One day, a Torah leader will arise and pull Israel out of the mire of exile, degradation, and death. He will call out to committed Jews to help assist him with the Arab problem. I await the day. May G-d avenge the blood of the Fogel family and may we live to see the Arab/Islamic enemy exterminated in our time. Let a raging fire of Kiddush Hashem burn out the evil in our midst. Timcheh Et Zecher Amalek Mitachat Hashamayiom. 

Baruch Hagever & Chag Sameach.


  1. our anger should be directed at this criminaly insane traitorous leftist self hating jew hating arab loving gangster government,let me ask you,if someone would take into his house,man eating tigers and venemous snakes,and one day we find his whole family devoured,would we blame the animals or the idiot that let the snakes in?
    it is Bibi and Barak,these two traitorous.jew hating arab loving,leftist gangsters,who under the orders of their master Hussin Obama,yemach shemo,dismantled over 100 security checkpoints,and made it easier for these blood thirsty arab pigs,to come in and slaughter the fogel family.hope to see the day when the citizens of Israel,vomit out these traitors,and do to them what the people of France and Italy did to their own traitors Musolini,and marshal Peitan after world war two.
    chaim schonbrun

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Amalek's blood-lust is an eternal law that the Torah warns us about. This is who they are. They need to be destroyed.The erev rav is the one responsible for allowing these cockroaches to successfully murder Jews. They are the real barriers. The Arabs could be destroyed overnight if not for these malignant quislings.


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