" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Opportunity

Sirens were heard today in Tel Aviv for the first time since the Gulf War.  I wonder if the leftists who were surely sipping their espressos and bemoaning the fate of Oslo, noted the irony as their drinks spilled on their laps. Are they excited about tomorrow and the prospect of having to flee to unknown filthy shelters, while terror whistles down from the heavens? The south may indeed be the periphery where primitives live, ( they are correct, after all  the Bedouins live in the South) but evidently rockets don't know that. The south is pretty damn close to everywhere.

And the south is only one lone front, in an endless sea of soulless Sunnis and Shiites. Tel Aviv, and everywhere else in Israel, can be hit from the north where the Lebanese and Syrian strains of Amalekite reside. Hezbollah and Hamas are one and the same, the former are simply better at killing Jews. And lest we forget, Israel is surrounded on all sides by those who would slaughter us.

Gaza must burn. Any sane person understands this. Bibi Netanyahu fancies himself a student of history. He should remember King Saul's mistake. Misplaced mercy always leads to dead Jews. Don't play into Amalek's hands. Another opportunity is in the cross-hairs. A moment to seize, a time to destroy, a time that is not for peace. A time when cruelty and blood-lust finally have a place. A time to set a final example for our enemies.

Correction. Not a time to destroy. That won't do. Hamas will only rebuild. Slowly but surely they will replenish their infrastructure of death because their demoniacal benefactors will gladly open the coffers to murder Jews. Israel needs to annihilate Hamas. To exterminate every Amalekite in Gaza, whose very breath poses a danger to the Jewish people.

Will Israel restrain its IDF soldiers even as they send them into harms way, or will they allow them to finish the job? This time around, there can be no time-table. No havlaga. No expression of the fictitious "tohar haneshek." There is no such thing. There is only war. A war of survival. A war of Am Yisroel. A milchemet mitzvah (obligatory war) run in accordance with the Halacha. This is the only strategy for victory. Faith in The Almighty and the willingness to fullfil His Will.

No doubt, Obama is working behind the scenes to stop Israel from defending herself. He will lean on Israel to end the military operation long before the job is complete. We can only hope that Bibi has done t'shuvah and turned a new leaf. If he hasn't  we will see a weak-kneed response that will impress at first with remarkable pyrotechnics, but which will soon fade into the night. And then the rockets will fall harder than ever.

Three rockets landed today in Tel Aviv. Perhaps more, by the time I write this. The time has come for the avante garde intellectuals of Tel Aviv who have all the answers, to ask themselves what their beloved Chaim Bialik would have thought of such a predicament? As they will recall, he didn't like it very much when Jewish men wilted in the face of Russian pogromchiks. Three Jews were murdered today by Hamas, because the disease of Tel Aviv's moral relatavism is shared by Israel's leaders. Evidently rockets do kill people. Now rockets are falling on Tel Aviv.

Israel's leaders needn't fear that they lack the man-power for the necessary military operations that are required. There are plenty Jews out there, both in Israel and abroad who will be there should Israel require more men. Within Israel, there are thousands of Jewish men (mostly right-wing extremists like myself), many of them with large kippot and curly peyot, who will gladly volunteer to fight the real fight when the time arrives. My readers are surely aware that I am at odds with this current Israeli leadership, as I have been with every previous one. Nevertheless, should the IDF find themselves in a position with too many guns and not enough arms, the author of this blog humbly offers his conscription.

May The Almighty protect the soldiers of Israel. Am Yisroel Chai.

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