" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sternhell's Miraculous Recovery

To all the leftists out there who were concerned about Professor Sternhell, they needn't worry. After reading his article in Haaretz today, it is clear that despite his alleged encounter with a "pipe-bomb," the professor's brain is as diseased as ever. He still writes articles that would have made Julius Streicher (yemach shmo v'zichro) smile. And he still exhibits the same limited intellect that is characteristic of left-wing professors.

I have yet to hear Sternhell explain why he isn't as much an occupier himself as any Jew in living in Hebron? After all, the rioting Arabs of Acre who brandished hatchets on the Day of Atonement and screamed "Itbach El Yahud" (slaughter the Jew!) seemed pretty upset at the general Jewish populace. Much like the savages who butchered Jews indiscriminately in the 20's and 30's when there was no Jewish State or "occupied territories," the rioters were consistent in their blood lust. Of course the professor isn't ready to give up his academic perch and leave the country for some socialist paradise in Europe. He understands that it is much more effective to undermine the country from within.

I am not a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I would like to suggest that there was no "right-wing terror attack" on Sternhell. To be sure, there was a ruse to suggest that there was, with or without the professor's involvement or acquiescence. However, this would not have been difficult to pull off, since nothing happened to him. He's back on his feet with no apparent ill effects, and isn't this a bit curious? Are we to believe that in a country whose "big brothers" would make Orwell's "big brother" look rather small, there exists a mysterious cadre of "fanatic right-wing" terrorists who target pathetic professors with impotent pipe bombs. They are clever enough to evade the Shabbak who will search heaven and earth to find them, yet at the same time, their knowledge of pyrotechnics and things that go boom are about as dangerous as some of the science kits from Toys R Us. A lot of smoke, some noise, and all of the characteristics of a set-up.

This is what the left-wing does. When they want to undermine the opposition they don't engage in an open intellectual discourse. They resort to cloak and dagger tactics to demonize their target, so that the public perception is that they are "lunatics and fanatics." The Bolsheviks in this country have always used this tactic to further their goals. It's a ploy that works well, and invariably everyone (players and puppets alike) plays their role to a tee. The leftists go hunting for anyone who disagrees with them (in a manner reminiscent of "The Season"), the "religious" moderates beat their chests and pound "Al Cheit" for the wrong sins, while opportunistic frauds like Bibi Netanyahu seize the opportunity to condemn "fanatics" (in an attempt to look reasonable) so that he can return to power.

In the 90's, we were told that there were numerous death threats to left-wing journalists by the mysterious "Sicarii" underground, who neither carried out their alleged threats, nor were they caught. Yossi Sarid would have you believe that the Sicarii are hiding under people's beds. Of course the untold numbers of Jews violently attacked by the left over the years, who were murdered or maimed, overtly and covertly, is never discussed. Even when the "martyrs" for their cause have skeletons in their closets, such as Yitzchak Rabin and his role in the Altalena affair, the double standard has always been the law of the land. The leftwing surrogates in academia and the media are always good at revising history so that the sins of the socialist sabra are never exposed. And of course the Shabbak can always try to frame some poor soul and ruin his life. Such things have been known to happen during "The Hunting Season."

Let me clarify my point. While I don't believe there was an attack on Sternhell, I am not suggesting that theoretically had he been the recipient of an attack, that it would have been against the Torah. As I noted in a previous blog, I wouldn't lose any sleep over this maggot who supports Arab terror against Jews. Sternhell is an enemy of Jews, and anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Jewish history and Jewish law, knows what King David(or any righteous king) would have done with him. At the very least Sternhell should be imprisoned for treason. Talk about dangerous rhetoric and incitement! Throughout his long career, Sternhell's written and spoken venom has emboldened the enemy to detonate himself on buses and in malls, the net result being pieces of Jewish men, women, children, and infants, for Zakah to collect and pick up. And let's not forget the tragic effect that Sternhell's pornographic teachings has on the minds and souls of the deluded students who soak up his filth, having already arrived at the University with minds of clay, courtesy of an Israeli education.

The left-wingers are the irrational "fanatics" who blindly serve the idols of moral relativism and pacifism, while screaming the nonsensical mantras of "Shalom Achshav!" and "Yesh Gvul!". Throughout this spectacle the enemy laughs at the bizarre antics of their deluded Jewish surrogates, who will not be spared the hatchet's feast. We are the sane ones, and we understand the most rational Jewish tenet of all, the commandment to live and not to die. We must continue to speak the truth loudly and courageously, until the day arrives when the masses demand that the government implements the only blueprint for Jewish survival, as articulated by Rav Kahane (May G-d avenge his blood!) in his classic work,"They Must Go!"

As the Rav always stated, "a Jewish fist needs to be attached to a Jewish head." Let the leftists and their henchmen know that we are not fools. The transparency of this Shabbak ruse is apparent.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach
Am Yisroel Chai.

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