" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bibi the Small

The Hussein Obama administration is pleased with Bibi's recent speech and that should speak volumes to us. When President Hussein (yemach shmo vzichro) is happy with Israel, you can be certain that the Prime Minister did something wrong.

Who Rules Bibi?

Bibi hasn't disappointed his puppet master. When he was told to get rid of "outposts", he complied and began to tear down Jewish homes. And when he took the stage the other night in front of the entire world, he continued to slither like a slug. Bibi became an even smaller man when he uttered two dangerous words that had never been in his vocabulary before -"palestinian state". Two words grounded in Arab lies and years of propaganda, words that even Golda Meir (4,000 dead Jews, thanks to her leadership) wouldn't have uttered during her darkest day of menopause.

Unlike President Hussein, Bibi is a student of history. He knows that palestinians are like Lilliputians. They don't exist. He knows that any "palestinian state" would have as its mandate the destruction of Israel, and he knows that there would be no way for Israel to prevent them from having an army trained to slaughter Jews. Bibi knows that Fatah=Hamas=Hezbollah, as surely as he knows that Anwar Sadat and King Hussein died with Jew-hatred in their hearts.

Bibi also does a disservice when he cites the sham peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan as precedents of peace, because in his heart, he knows that they will be exposed as such in the not to distant future. If a referendum were taken today, the people of Jordan and Egypt would go to war with Israel in a heartbeat. The leaders are reticent to lose more land, although one can see the future already, as Abdullah and Mubarak continue to pound on the war drums.

If he knows these things, why does Bibi act like Barak?

Bibi lacks courage. Beneath the confident front stands a terribly insecure man. A man ill equipped to do what needs to be done, to do what Rav Meir Kahane would have done, tell the Americans to take their economic aid and shove it. Bibi claims that we are unaware of the numerous factors that require him to agree to such things. Let's get one thing straight. No one forced Bibi to become PM. What could possibly justify national suicide? What factors require us to arm Fatah so that they can disembowel us alive? Tell us Bibi!

Bibi does not have the courage to lead a nation. Instead of following his mandate to deal a death blow to the Oslo Accords, he is continuing the process of Israel's self-destruction. He said what President Hussein wanted him to say, and by doing so, set the stage for unprecedented U.S. pressure in the future. Bibi proved that Labor and Likud are diabolical twin sisters. Daughters of destruction who support national suicide, territorial amputation, and the creation of a PLO state.

Bibi's apologists are claiming that it was a strong speech, based on the fact that Bibi made his acceptance of a "palestinian state" contingent on numerous variables that the PLO will never accept. Tragic. This is what constitutes as leadership in the Likud today. The ability to delay and stall a nightmare (to limit the damage if you will) instead of standing up to our enemies and laying down the law. Live at peace with us at the current borders or wage war with the Almighty, and die at our hands.

Bibi's Secrets of Leadership:

Bibi masquerades as a right-wing visionary. He tricks people because he has the veneer of leadership. He speaks well, but he speaks with a forked tongue. He will say anything to gain power and sink to the lowest level to retain it. No politician in Israel can lie with such eloquence.

In the end, Bibi gave us what he has always given us. A veneer of leadership, cloaked in the garb of articulate speech. To the trained eye and ear, dangerous lies, clever stalling tactics, and testicles the size of Tzipi Livni's. And the looming threat of an Amalekite state, trained by the U.S. and armed with American weapons, waging total war within our borders.


  1. B"H

    Shimon "Shifty Shimmy" Peres and Aharon Baraq have been Israel's shadow government for years.

    Who they're taking orders from, I don't know.

    Peres is such a ba'al gaviah, he probably thinks screwing over his puppet master.

    We shall see where his gaivah takes him.

    Em HaBanim Smeicha suggests that the gaivah of the "treif birds" in control of Israel will be their downfall.

    Ken y'hi ratzon.

    Shabba"k Shalom

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