" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Goldstone Report

The U.N.'s Report is complete and the verdict is in. The Gaza war was Israel's fault. Not the vermin of Hamas, who started the conflict by launching rockets on our southern towns. Not the blood-drinkers of Islam who kidnapped Gilad Shalit and did G-d knows what to him. Tiny Israel is to blame, a country the size of New Jersey surrounded on all sides by Arab and Islamic barbarians. The investigation, which was headed by former South African judge, Richard Goldstone, concluded that "Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity" during Operation Cast Lead.

Shimon Peres isn't happy with the U.N. report. He thinks the report rewards terror. Peres should look in the mirror. No one has rewarded terror more than Peres. Signing a "treaty" with Fatah rewarded terror.The U.N. is what it is, a forum for the anti-semites of the world to vent their poison on the world stage. Zionism is racism and Israel is to blame. It's a crime against humanity when Jews fight back. The U.N. did it's job. What's Shimon's excuse?

The self-appointed leaders of Jewish organizations are hysterical. This is, after all, how they earn their money. Fighting anti-semitism by kvetching about anti-semitism. Misfits like the doughy faced Abe Foxman of the ADL, who sits on his corpulent behind (what a sickening image) investigating "Jewish extremism", and turning over his findings to the U.S. State Department. Or the destroyers of the American Jewish Committee, a left-wing band of elitist Hellenists who think they speak for Jewish interests. They are the cause of the problem, not the solution.

Who the hell cares what goyim think? Esau hates Jakob. It's enough to know that they hate us. That's the real lesson of this report!

War crimes. Sure, there were war crimes. There are also war criminals. A war crime was committed by Olmert and Barak when they tied the military's hands and gave humanitarian aid to the enemy. They perpetrated another war crime when they caved under the weight of international pressure and ended the war prematurely. And then a final war crime was committed when they allowed the anti-Semites of the world into Gaza to orchestrate a mass blood libel.

With G-d's help, the day will come when we will fight these wars according to the laws of biblical warfare. No havlagah (self-restraint). No media coverage. No international monitors. The U.N. and the Richard Goldstone's of the world can shriek their Jew-hatred until their lungs burst. It won't matter. Vengeance will be served for all past and present desecrations of the Almighty's name.

May all good Jews and righteous gentiles be inscribed into the book of life this year. And may the enemies of G-d and Israel suffer the agony of disease and death.

Shanah Tovah.

Addendum: Several readers have "informed" me that Richard Goldstone is Jewish. I know that he's Jewish. It doesn't change anything that I wrote about him. It's important to understand that self-loathing creatures such as Goldstone, are Jewish in name only. When a Jew becomes Amalek, his Jewishness is nonexistent, and more importantly, it becomes irrelevant. Some of the worst anti-semites in history have been and are Jewish. A few random ones that come to mind. Karl Marx. Trotsky. Kissinger. Caspar Weinberger. Norman Finkelstien. Noam Chomsky. And now, Richard Goldstone, the creator of modern day blood libels.

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