" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orit Ohana: Stones In Her Head

Last week Arutz Sheva featured a disturbing story about a Jewish woman named Orit Ohana who lives in the liberated areas in the town of Shdemot Mehola. Orit may live on the other side of the so called "green line", but judging from her actions, she would do very well in Haifa. Orit is many things. A wife (presumably), a mother, and a volunteer medic for Magen David Adom in the Jordan Valley. She is also a mental patient who suffers from an insidious disease called "the mercy of fools".

Judging from her actions, the disease has progressed. Recently, Orit provided First Aid to an Arab, who sustained wounds to his hands shortly after he threw stones at a car carrying Jewish passengers. Ironically, Orit's son was in the car during the attack. No matter. None of this was going to deter Orit from fulfilling her Quaker duty. As Orit informed the Hebrew newspaper, Yisroel Hayom, "Even if I had known ahead of time that the injured youth wounded my son, I would have treated him, because that is our obligation."

Obligation? To whom,Vishnu? Orit would make a good Hindu or perhaps a better "worshipper of the dead Jew", but she makes a lousy Jew. The "injured youth" she referred to is a terrorist who tried to kill Jews, including her own son. The "injured youth" that she treated is an Amalekite dog. Stumbling upon this wounded hyena should have been a holiday for her. She could have smirked at him as he bled. Instead she acted like a Jewish Mother Theresa.

Orit surely wears the pants in her family. No religious man with proper genitalia would tolerate such distorted nonsense from his wife and the mother of his children. Unfortunately, there are many Orits and Mr. Orits in the mamlachti world who believe that showing mercy to savages is a noble duty. Orit and her emasculated husband are continuing the cycle of spiritual maltreatment that guarantees another generation of mindless mamlachti eunuchs, who will listen to their "rabbis" when they are told that Arabs are our cousins. Or the sickening distortion of the Halacha that maintains that they are B'nai Noach.

Why do Arabs throw stones? For one thing they want to kill us. Secondly, they know that pea-brained politicians aren't impressed by stones, unless they are thrown by chareidim or "settlers". (They particularly like images of peyot (sidelocks) swinging as the rock is launched.) Every day, the Arabs stone Jews on the highways and back roads of this country. And not just in Judea and Samaria. The Arabs of the North love throwing stones as much as their southern neighbors. So do the Bedouins of the south should a Jew enter their illegal filthy squatters camps. They throw stones because it's the easiest form of terrorism to get away with. They throw the stones and then melt back into any one of the surrounding Arab villages.

The media doesn't cover most of these incidents, because they want to portray Arabs as helpless victims. Other than Arutz Sheva, the media neglected this story entirely. For one thing they love to demonize the "settlers" as aggressors. Secondly, Orit Ohana's display of x-tian charity doesn't square with this image.

There are many sickos out there who argue that rocks can't kill people. Evidently, they never heard of David and Goliath. The stone is one of man's oldest weapons. Before there were guns, there were swords. Before steel, there was stone. The principle of the stone hasn't changed. The stone was man's first implement when he wanted to cave his enemy's skull in. The cemeteries are filled with Jews whose skulls were shattered by stones and other projectiles. And let's not forget, the many healthy Jews who were turned into paralyzed vegetables because an Arab threw a stone at them.

Unfortunately, the liberated areas are not filled with "crazy fanatics"(the only normal Jews around). Despite many good Jews who are fighting the good fight, there are many more Orit Ohanas out there (whole communities, in fact). Fools who employ Arabs and treat them when they are ill or wounded. Spiritual defectives who subscribe to the "darchei shalom" of pacifism and liberalism, courtesy of their rabbis who fill their empty heads with this garbage. Jews with rocks in their heads and Peter, Paul, and Mary in their hearts.

An Arab who picks up a stone with the intention of throwing it at a Jew is a murderer, and his life is forfeit. Judaism doesn't follow the Geneva Accords. Wounded or not, he has to pay the piper. Throw a stone at a Jew, get a bullet in the head in return. This is the way of the Torah. Perhaps the Hippocratic oath requires Orit to heal killers and would-be killers, but Judaism has something else to say on the matter. The Midrash Tanchuma states that the blood of the wicked is like water. Orit could have just stoned the bastard. After all, stones don't kill.

*Social Experiment: Next time some leftist repeats the oft mentioned nonsense that stones can't kill people, politely ask the dolt if you can throw a few at his head. The histrionics alone should be priceless. Make him answer the question.

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