" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The True Maccabees

Chanukah isn't a "festival of lights" for Jewish people to share with the gentile world. The Maccabees weren't pluralists fighting for a slice of the multicultural pie. They were Jewish zealots who waged a brutal war against the Greek swine who were trying to destroy Judaism. They murdered the enemy to save the Jewish soul. In short, they waged a physical war against a spiritual enemy. Forget any notions of universalism that the secular left try to associate with Chanukah. Peter, Paul, and Mary really missed the boat on this one.

Here's another fact that Jews tend to overlook. A primary target of their revolution was waged against Hellenists within the Jewish camp. They fought violently and without mercy. They killed people. And the authentic tradition of Judaism lionizes these true sons of Matityahu as the most heroic of Jews, men (and women) who sanctified the Almighty's name and saved Judaism from extinction.

If the Maccabees were around today, the Shabak would have an entire division whose sole purpose was to root out and destroy the "Hasmonean Jewish terrorists." Netanyahu and Barak would send the army, the border police, and the Yassamnikim sadists to destroy them. And of course, the mamlachtim would condemn these heroes with the harshest terminology.

"You can't burn religious houses of worship."

"Judaism respects the religious rights of others."

We often hear such stupidity from dumb, benighted Jews whose knowledge of Judaism is inferior to a cucumber's. Pluralistic ramblings that have no basis in Judaism. It's always sickening to hear such filth when one is knows what the Halachah really says about such matters. I cannot begin to explain the rage I feel when religious "rabbis" utter such lies and defile The Almighty's name in front of the entire world.

Last Friday, a mosque was reportedly torched in the Arab occupied town of Yasuf in the Shomron. The Leftist traitors in the government and their lackeys in the media are reporting that religious settlers are behind the attack. Now one doesn't have to be Barry Chamish to be suspicious whenever something like this happens. It wouldn't be the first time the Shabak orchestrated an attack for the sole purpose of demonizing Jews. Anyone remember Avishai Raviv?

Nevertheless, I'm not going to pursue that hypothetical angle. I don't want to skirt the real issue. The question of what the Halachah has to say on the matter. I'm going to assess the incident by accepting the premise that an individual or individuals actually committed the arson attack. It's Chanukah after all. What better time to convey Jewish truths?

I want to make myself clear:

If indeed this was done by a Jew or Jews, then he/she or they are true Jewish heroes who sanctified the Almighty's name in front of the world. It's a pity that the mosque (a known haven of murderous incitement against Jews) wasn't burned to the ground along with its predatory congregation of murderers inside. One who knows the history of the Maccabees, is aware that Matityahu would have torched the building and the entire town. That's how the Maccabees worked. We should be honest with our own history.

An issue like this puts the Jewish people in one of two camps. The tiny group that gets it. And the larger group that covers the entire spectrum of Jews that are out there. Those on the "Right" and those on the Left. Religious, irreligious, mamlachti, anti-Zionist, gay, socialist, chareidi, egalitarian, feminist and so on. Those committed to Judaism and those who have no Judaism at all. They all share one thing in common. They have zero ability to process anything that is outside their distorted framework of thinking.

Many liberal Jews, religious or otherwise, premise their skewed thinking on the absurd notion that this mosque was some sort of harmless "house of worship." A place where simple, innocent peasants came to express their faith.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. This was a place where Amalekites came to sow their hatred and to plot terror against the Jewish people. A place where "itbach el yahud" (slaughter the Jew) was regularly chanted. It goes without saying, that even if these Arabs were innocent of any homicidal actions or intent, a gentile house of worship has no place in the holy land. This isn't my personal opinion. It's the Halachah.

A gentile may not remain in the land unless he/she accepts the halachic criteria of "Ger Toshav" (resident stranger). Maimonides explains that this means the individual must accept the"Seven Laws of Noah," and conditions of "tribute and servitude" in front of a Jewish court, during the Jubilee year.

Someone has to say these things without hemming and hawing. The "rabbis" of the Erev Rav (mixed multitude) are out in full swing defiling G-d's name. Repulsive human pieces of filth such as "Chief Erev Rav" Yonah Metzger and the loonytoon Menachem Froman of Tekoa, who went to Yasuf yesterday to express their outrage to the town's elders. Ironically, the jackals of the town actually prevented a greater Chillul Hashem when they came out in numbers to greet these miserable freaks with stones. The army had to escort these Jewish misfits out of the village.

Yonah Metzger. A bearded defiler who regularly spits on the Torah in defense of the leftist traitors that are destroying the country. A twisted creature who had the unimaginable gall to compare this righteous act of vengeance to the fires of Kristalnacht that were lit by the German fiends. Metzger took a page right out of the Arab/Islamic playbook, with his obscene portrayal of Jews as Nazis. Menachem Froman is another pervert, an oddball quisling whose past winning moments include getting together with the vermin of Fatah and Hamas, and sending fawning love letters to Arafat (yemach shmo vzichro).

The bearded Erev Rav has always been the most dangerous group of corrupters of Yahadut. Is there a bigger Chillul Hashem than the images of "religious" Jews showing up at the town's entrance with copies of Korans to replace the ones that were torched in the fire? Matityahu, the righteous Hasmonean High Priest would have had problems with the Metzgers and the Fromans of the world. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that he would have vented his wrath in a most "un-Metzger" like fashion. The only proper Jewish reaction.

These bearded frauds in rabbinical cloaks are partners with Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah. When Jews are slaughtered by Arabs, they remain silent. When synagogues are torched and holy books are burned to ash, one can hear a pin drop. When someone spits at some priest in the Old City, they declare a public fast day. The days of justice will arrive when they will pay for the Jewish blood that stains their hands. Hopefully in this world, but surely in the next.

A Jew who understands Chanukah knows that an attack on a mosque is a time for rejoicing. It may not have been a "smart" thing to do. The chances of getting away with it are small. But let's not delude ourselves. The smart and proper thing is not always synonymous with the Jewish obligation. From a purely survival instinct, if someone demands that you worship baal or have your throat slit open, the "pragmatic" thing is to save your throat and bow down to the idol. Judaism says something else. The Halachah requires you to refuse, even if it costs you your life. The Halacha isn't always pragmatic or "wise" from a conventional standpoint. At times, the Halacha requires us to fight to the death, even when the odds are against us.

If this was indeed an act of arson by a group of Jews (or a Jew) who had the courage to do what the government of Israel should be doing, I support them whole-heartedly and give them my blessings.

Sons of Matityahu, I salute you, wherever you are.


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