" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Three Headed Serpent

The three-headed serpent of the current U.S. administration is easily the most anti-semitic one to come to power in Israel's history. In terms of pure toxicity, the combination of the modern Pharaoh, Barak "Hussein" Obama, Vice-President, Joe "the blood libel" Biden, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is unparalleled. Were Israel run by G-d-fearing leaders, these human contagions would be utterly irrelevant. Unfortunately, Israel is led by eunuchs who grovel before the Jew-haters of the world and acquiesce to their insane demand. Kill yourselves.

It's astounding how liberal Jews go ga-ga for Obama and Clinton. (Biden is really irrelevant to them, simply because he's a man and he's not black.) They make excuses for these anti-Semites who slam Israel on a daily basis, while the immoral Arabs and Islam drown the world in a sea of barbarism and blood. While Abbas (yemach shmo vzichro) incites Arabs to murder Jews, Vice President Joe Biden engages in what many have compared (and rightfully so) to a genuine modern day blood libel. He blamed Israel for the deaths of American soldiers who are killed by Arabs. This is the same charge that many Neo-Nazi groups in America level against the Jewish people.

And then there is the notorious Hillary Clinton. A woman (?) who once kissed Suha Arafat's fat face, moments after the former delivered a blood libel to an audience of Jew-haters. Just seeing her name in print upsets me. Hearing her shrill nasty voice is like a fork in the brain. Seeing her ugly, sagging, mug... well you get the point. Only a genuine anti-Semite has the nerve to condemn a so-called "ally" (what a sick joke) for developing its capital, while ignoring Abbas and his Fatah thugs, as they name a town square after a murderer of Jews. Even more sickening than secular liberal Jews are the many modern-orthodox liberal American Jews (some with "orthodox") who adore this fiend, and call her a friend of Israel. A friend of Israel? Hillary will go down as one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people in American history.

While Iran inches closer to developing a nuclear bomb and threatens Israel with extinction, Obama sends this killer shrew to scream in Netanyahu's ear for 43 minutes. Obama and his minions are more upset with Israel's plans to build in Jerusalem, than the prospect of a nuclear Iran, a plummeting economy, or Obama's personal plummeting ratings. None of this is important to Obama. A tiny sliver of a country called Israel, surrounded by Arab and Islamic nations on all sides who want to destroy her, is his greatest concern. He has one goal. What can I do to kill the Jewish state? That's precisely why he selected his enemy to be Secretary of State. Obama hates Hillary with every fiber of his being, but he knows she has the tenacity and hatred to go after Israel like a bulldog. He knows that she has the support of liberal Jews who even when they get kicked in the mouth by Hillary, still worship her. Plus he agrees with her on one major point. Israel is a country of "f***ing Jew bastards."

Ideally a Prime Minister should have a spine, teeth, and a pair of beitzim. It's not too much to ask of someone who wants the position. Netanyahu has none of them. A Prime Minister should believe in his country's right to exist, adhere to his principles, and do everything in his power to protect his people. He should have the guts to tell a collection of human feces like Clinton, Obama, and Biden to go to hell. Unfortunately, Netanyahu isn't going to develop a spine. He is who he is. A coward. An adulterer. A power-starved egomaniac who lied through his teeth (on two separate occasions) in order to become Prime Minister. An idealogical fraud who betrayed everyone of his so-called "Likud principles" (the same mythical principles that Moshe Feiglin wants to resurrect) in the name of political expediency. A weakling eunuch who sat there and took a beating as the grotesque Hillary Clinton yammered into his ear for 43 minutes. A true leader would have picked up the phone (for the last time) and stated, "listen to me you shrill, Jew-hating, witch. I never want to hear your miserable voice again." Then he would slam the receiver down into its base, with the intention of puncturing her eardrums.

(Detour: What a fantasy. To see the look on Hillary's fat, sagging, face, after such an exchange (if one were a fly) would epitomize the essence of Jewish nachas (joy). To see her face turn red with rage, to hear the flurry of anti-semitic obscenities, and to witness with one's own eyes the inevitable heart attack that would ensue....) But I digress.

With G-d's help, the three headed serpent will do what Israel's puny leaders never could do, and cut off all economic and military aid to Israel. This would be the greatest gift the Jewish State ever received. Sever the toxic line that pumps degradation and neediness into the Jewish state. Naturally, this would be a nightmare for the Jewish lemmings of the world who would moan and worry about American-Israeli relations, but it would be a Yom Tov for those who believe in the G-d of Israel. On the day that the U.S. coffers are finally shut, Israel will have no one to turn to but The Almighty Himself.

As Pesach draws near, let us pray for the final redemption and the coming of the Messiah. As we read the Haggadah and it's glorious account of Divine Retribution, we should pray for vengeance against the enemies of The Almighty. Yahadut demands that crimes against The Almighty and His chosen people are paid for in blood. All of them will suffer for their sins, certainly in the next world, with G-d's help, in this one as well.

Our enemies wear many guises. A great many wear keffiyahs, eat hallal, and jabber with a guttural tongue. One particular anti-Semite with big ears framing an idiotic narrow face, actually become President of the United States. Another corrupt brain-dead dolt became his Vice-President. And then you have Hillary, the post-menopausal, vindictive, anti-Semite, who suffers from gender identity disorder and wears mens pant suits to frame her grotesque thunder thighs. May we see vengeance against all of them, whatever their form, and whatever their creed. And may the arrogant neck of this three headed American viper be crushed before our eyes. Obama, Biden, and Clinton. May their names and memories be erased.

Gentiles who care about the future of America should pray likewise. They should throw away the "New Testament" and read the real book, starting with the chapter where the Almighty made a promise to Abraham. They should pray to the real G-d, the only G-d, and not the pagan myth who neither died for, nor saved, anyone.

"Pour out Your wrath against the nations that know you not"......


  1. B"H

    I don't like any of these people.

    Does that count as incitement?

  2. Incite away, my friend. They are three of the most vicious Jew-haters on the political scene. Of course, you can never forget Pat Buchanan on the other side of the political spectrum. Another genuine Nazi.


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