" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Monday, April 19, 2010

On Jewish Remembrance

What has Yom HaZikaron become? A day of remembering our fallen soldiers, but forgetting why they fell. Remembering those who paid the ultimate price, but forgetting who killed them. A day of commemorating the concept of sacrifice, but forgetting the nature of the sacrifice. A day of solemn military ceremonies, haunting songs, sirens, and of little else. Not a day of remembrance, but one of forgetting the most important lessons of all. That the Arab and Islamic savages are still trying to kill us. That they want to flood the streets of Tel Aviv with a sea of Jewish blood, as surely as they want to massacre every Jew living in Judea and Samaria.

The Siren Wails:

I knew that the siren would go off at any moment, and yet as always, its sudden onset was somewhat startling. Instinctively I jumped to my feet like a puppet and stood silently, listening to its mournful wailing which sent goosebumps across my body in a visceral response. As I stood, I reflected on the important lessons that the erev rav (mixed multitude) purposely denies the Jewish schoolchildren of Israel. Not only on this solemn day, but on every day of their education, which is really a process of Leftist brainwashing.

Judaism abhors the spectacle of meaningless ritual. If a siren of remembrance fails to jar the senses like a shofar and act as a catalyst for introspection and repentance, then as far as yahadut is concerned, it is worse than a waste of time. Without a doubt, we have a Jewish obligation to remember the dead, but that alone is insufficient. We need to remember the following Jewish lessons that "The Ministry of Indoctrination" denies our children:
  • The Land of Israel is ours. All of it. The Almighty gave it to us, and although we were punished for our sins with the destruction of the Temple and our dispersal across the world, He has returned it to us. We have no right to relinquish any part of it.
  • The Holy Land is under assault by the hordes of Ishmael and Esau. We face the battles of Purim (a genocidal enemy) and of Chanukah (a spiritual enemy) at the same time. And while our enemies rip and tear at us, the mixed multitude hunts us down and ties our hands.
  • The Arab/Islamic world is the face of Amalek. Nazis of the worst kind. To call them animals is to misunderstand what an animal is. Animals are biologically hard-wired to be creatures of instinct. There are no evil animals even among the most predatory of species. Men (and women) who shake off every semblance of humanity and don the death mask of Amalek, have nothing in common with animals. We face nothing less than an enemy who wants to exterminate us solely because we are Jews.
  • There are no moderates in the Arab/Islamic world. The so-called peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan are a twisted joke. Read what the pig of Jordan has to say about us. Much like his father, this bloodthirsty Jew-hater can barely mask his hatred. He would love nothing more than another war with an Israel that is significantly weaker than it was the last time around. The citizens of Egypt and Jordan would both relish another war with us.
  • Our leaders are sick men with diseased souls. The fat-faced Ehud Barak had the gall to defile the memory of the fallen soldiers by using the day as a stage to call for a "palestinian" (myths don't get capitalized) state. Our Minister of Defense. Bibi Netanyahu visits the grave of his martyred brother (may G-d avenge his blood). For what purpose? He continues to supply weapons to the same group of savages that murdered his brother. All in the name of "peace".
Meaningless Ceremony?

Across the country, schoolchildren attended powerful ceremonies today. They were reminded of the thousands of Jewish soldiers who fell in battle, but no mention of the enemy who killed them. Instead they brainwash the innocent with the insanity of "Peace Now" and the lie that "most Arabs (perhaps most of them) want peace." And after years of this insidious indoctrination, the State will hand them each a gun and send them off to die, as they face an enemy they will never understand. Many will actually feel empathy for the enemy, and show mercy to the merciless on the battlefield.

As I listened to the siren, I thought of wailing mothers and fathers, of brothers and sisters groaning in agonizing pain, as their loved ones are lowered into the earth prematurely. This is the lesson of the day. I thought of the animals who killed these heroes. I thought about Samson and King David, and of the principles of Jewish vengeance that we must internalize, if we are to erase every manifestation of chillul Hashem that stains the Holy Land. I thought of the burning desire a Jew must feel to avenge his slaughtered brothers and sisters.

The war against the L-rd and the Am Hanivchar (Chosen People) continues. Certainly, we must pay homage to those who sanctified The Almighty's name in the fight against Amalek. We also have an obligation to remember that they were killed not only by the fiends of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, but also by the so-called "moderates" of Egypt and Jordan, who read Mein Kampf in the coffee houses of Cairo and Amman, the way normal people read fiction in Starbucks. Moderates who firmly believe (with the passion of a Polish man) that we drink blood and control world finance.

I call upon thoughtful Jews to return to the Torah and absorb its timeless lessons. To learn that authentic Jewish notions of "love" and "peace" have no commonality with the distorted versions going around that present themselves as Jewish. As Jews we have an obligation to hate the wicked. We are commanded to cultivate hatred and rage in our hearts against all the enemies of G-d and the children of Israel. Hatred for all our enemies, whether it be those who snatch Jewish souls in the streets of Jerusalem and Beersheva, or the Arab and Islamic hordes who wear the Mufti's death mask. A desire for blood-lust against the enemies of the Almighty is the most Jewish of ways to remember the fallen.

On the day that the sword of Jewish vengeance has fed and satiated itself on the blood of the wicked, when evil is destroyed for all eternity, on that day we will merit the coming of the Messiah. Only then may we pound our weapons into farm tools. Until that day, we have a fight on our hands. And no quarter may be given in the war with Amalek.

The siren of remembrance reverberated across the land today. When you heard it, were you driven by a desire to avenge the deaths of our fallen soldiers and sanctify The Almighty's name? Did the piercing cry of Yom HaZikaron remind you that our leaders are making deals with the same monsters who wear the mask of moderation while they grasp concealed daggers? If not, did you really hear the siren at all?

Yom Haatzmut is upon us. We need to avoid the terrible mistake of the chareidim who ignore the miracles that Hakadosh Baruch Hu performed for us (though we were and remain unworthy of them), as surely as we must avoid the idol-worship of mamlachtim who turned a sinful Hellenistic entity into the Kingdom of David. We need to be careful in our celebration, so that it remains one that is guided by the undiluted Halachic truth. Our prayers need to be for a true Jewish state to arise, one that is committed to Torah law and the sanctification of The Almighty's name. Nothing less than a genuine theocracy based upon Torah.

Chag Sameach.
Am Yisroel Chai!

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