" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Mixed Multitude Strikes Again!

In June 2008, Mahmoud Abu-Atawi scurried across the border from his roach-nest in Gaza into the western Negev. He didn't risk the trip from Arab-occupied Gaza due to a sudden craving for shwarma, or a desire to bargain hunt in the Bedouin shuk of Beersheba. He came to slaughter Jews, which would explain the grenade he was carrying. Upon crossing the border, he hid among the bushes, where he was eventually discovered by two Israeli soldiers who attempted to apprehend him. There were several other soldiers in the vicinity. Atawi had different plans. Characteristic to his breed of human virus who worship the blood deity (never to be confused with Hashem), Atawi uttered the standard guttural cry, pulled the pin, and hurled the grenade at them. Had the grenade done what 99.9% of other grenades do when the pin is pulled, ZAKA would have had their hands full scraping up thick puddles of Jewish blood and body parts. Miraculously, this particular grenade failed to detonate and no one was killed.

Consider for a moment what would happen to a Jew who hurled a grenade at an Arab soldier in a so-called "moderate" country like Jordan, Turkey, or Egypt? He'd be subjected to incomprehensible forms of torture in the form of maiming and mutilation, culminating in a violent death. Compare this to "the mercy of fools" of the Israeli courts. Last week a Beersheva district court handed down a prison sentence for Atawi's crime, which the kangaroo court noted was a "severe" one. (What a revelation. We needed the courts to teach us that throwing grenades at soldiers is a "severe" crime.) Of course you would never know that the court felt this way judging from the sentence. Atawi was given 12 years in prison. (It's a good thing they thought it was severe, otherwise he might have gotten away with community service.) What an abomination! Atawi should have been hacked into pieces and had his head set on a pike at the Karni crossing.

There is no justice in Israel. The leftists who pitied this beast weren't interested in the fact that only a miracle prevented a bloodbath. Ironically, the District Court Judge, Rut Avinada, paid lip service to "the miracle" (for whatever thats worth), which makes the sentence even more puzzling.) 12 years? Are they insane? These leftist lemmings of the court would make good x-tians, were it not for the fact that they don't believe in any sort of a creator, even an idolatrous man-god.

In 12 years, Atawi will be free, and if history teaches us anything, he'll be spending his time in prison plotting his next attack. Of course there's always the possibility that Netanyahu will pardon him and several hundred other Jew-killers as part of some sort of goodwill package to Abbas. The notion of ware-housing these beasts is outrageous. Instead of storing this human refuse at the taxpayer's expense, we should send a real message, and bury a personalized bullet into the skulls of these Jew-killers and would-be Jew-killers, while their eyes are propped open. Ruthlessness is the key to fighting Amalek, not imposing impotent prison terms that only embolden him and encourage future acts of terror. Furthermore, when terrorists are imprisoned, they become commodities for treasonous politicians like Bibi and Barak to swap for "assurances of peace" and the mutilated remains of murdered Israeli soldiers.

The Arab and Islamic world is not impressed with the havlagah of rubber bullets, or the leftist commitment to "compassionate justice." A policy of killing terrorists will go a long way towards resurrecting the tradition of the brutal Jewish warrior and erasing the chillul Hashem of Jewish weakness. In the meantime, let it be known that this grotesque sentence was a victory for Mahmoud Atawi, who in this lunatic country, was granted another crack at killing Jews when his sentence is up. Israeli prisons should be reserved exclusively for Jewish criminals. The only prison Atawi deserves is a pig's carcass stuffed with his bludgeoned corpse. In the absence of a pig, he should be eviscerated with a butter knife and left for the buzzards.

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