" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day Of Rage In Rahat

An unusual incident occurred in the town of Rahat this past Sunday. Instead of destroying Jewish homes, the authorities gave the land-grabbing Bedouins a taste of the bulldozer. In the early hours of the morning, officials of the Israeli Land Administration entered the town and demolished an illegally built mosque. True to form, a thousand Bedouins rioted in the streets. Many of them hurled stones at the police, who responded by firing tear gas and making several arrests. A day of rage in RahatNaturally  the media coverage was sparse. Lying to the public is official government policy when dealing with the Bedouins: 
  • Rule #1) Cover-up any evidence that might portray Bedouins as a hostile fifth column. 
Obviously, video footage of rioting Bedouins would explode the carefully cultivated image of "loyal Arab citizens". So would the image of 700 Israeli riot police trying to contain a powder-keg of Arab rage in the town of Rahat.

The Leftists like to portray Rahat as a "moderate" Bedouin town. Curious, since the town always seems to be in the news, and it's not to highlight their charity work. Not that long ago, two Bedouins from Rahat were indicted for their involvement with Al Qaida. Just this past April, four Bedouins were arrested for throwing firebombs at motorists on Route 40. You didn't hear about this because of another classic gag order. The government didn't want you to know that Route 40 might be dangerous to your health. You might have reconsidered that trip to Eilat.

If you want to really learn about Bedouins, you don't ask leftists or frugal oddballs from Beersheva whose only experience with Bedouins is at the local shuk. Go ask the Jewish shopkeepers throughout the south who are forced to pay off the Bedouins, or risk having their stores torched and their throats slit. Ask the Jewish farmers who are extorted at the business end of a gun. The "authentic Bedouin experience" has nothing in common with the portrait that Birthright shows young deluded American Jews, which portrays them as noble denizens of the desert who want to share their pita bread with you. 

Let's look at the real face of the Bedouin:
  • He is a land-grabbing menace who brazenly squats on government land right under the noses of the authorities. His goats (many of them stolen from Jews) and donkeys litter the desert with feces, pollute the few pristine water sources, and devour the vegetation. They are an environmental nightmare for the Negev. 
  • The Bedouin is a violent degenerate who breeds like a jack-rabbit with multiple wives, and then collects state funds for every child. To say he treats his wives like donkeys would be kind. He cares far more for his donkeys. (Wife-beating is a religion to him.) 
  •  The Bedouins are criminals with a penchant for stealing pipes, cables, railroad tracks, public art, and selling it for scrap metal. Bedouins will steal anything that isn't nailed down. What is not as well known is that various Bedouin tribes run extortion rings which squeeze money out of Jewish businesses and Jewish run farms. Those who refuse to pay suffer threats, theft, beatings, arson/other property destruction, and sometimes even death. Last year, Bedouin gangsters ambushed a Jewish farmer near the town of Ofakim and repeatedly stabbed him, because he refused to be extorted. Miraculously, he survived. Of course there are Jews who simply disappear and aren't heard from again. The Bedouins know where to bury things.
During the pre-state years, many Jews were murdered on the rural Southern roads. Their killers were the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the Bedouins we see today spreading like an uncontrolled contagion across the desert. This is the real Bedouin. A primitive barbarian, nursed on an ancient blood-code of murder and theft. His hatred for Jews and the state of Israel is every bit as malignant as that of an Arab in Ramallah.

In the last few years, a disturbing number of Bedouins were indicted for terrorism. Usually these stories are blurbs in the various rags that nobody reads. The fact of the matter is that the Bedouin youth are all becoming increasingly radicalised. They whole-heartedly support Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah, and by all indications,  active involvement in terrorism is increasing. Not long ago, a 16 year old Bedouin girl arrived at the Shoket Junction border police base armed with a pistol. She had dreams of becoming a shaheed in a Jewish bloodbath. Fortunately, she was shot dead before she could actualize her homicidal dreams. 

The Israeli government is afraid of provoking the Bedouins. The repercussions of a full-fledged Bedouin intifada terrifies them. First of all, addressing the Bedouin problem would be radical departure from the official state policy of painting the Bedouins as loyal citizens. How would it look when the "good Arabs who serve in the army" suddenly show their true colors? Secondly, they don't know what to do with them. After all, their idea of a solution to the Arab problem is arming the PLO.

The Bedouins are a plague upon the country. They smuggle rockets into Gaza and machine guns into Judea and Samaria for the PLO butchers to fire at Jewish cars. They smuggle drugs and prostitutes into the country which sully the very soul of the Holy Land. The Bedouin violence and lawlessness that we periodically see is nothing compared to the inevitable inferno. When a real "Bedouin Intifada" erupts, (and its not a question of if, but when), the entire southern portion of Israel will become another yet another front in the Arab war against Israel. 

There is only one blueprint to follow. The Torah commands us to "transfer" (or annihilate if you're an extremist and you prefer the Sforno's interpretation) all gentiles who don't accept the Torah's conditions as Halachic "resident strangers". The Torah's premise is that other than select "resident strangers", gentiles cannot remain in the land. The Halachah is clear even when the goyim aren't preying on Jews, either physically or spiritually. Maimonides states that we have an obligation to actively hunt down and remove every vestige of idolatry and idol worship in the Land of Israel. (This includes x-tians whom Maimonides considered to be idolaters. The chief Rabbi of Efrat might want to take a look at the Rambam.) The source is Deuteronomy 12:3, "And you shall destroy their name from this place." Judges 2:1-2 also addresses this: "'The angel of the L-rd came up from Gilgalto Bochim and said, "I made you go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the Land which I swore unto to your fathers, and I said....'You shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of the land. You shall smash their altars..."

Forget about the Arabs for a moment. It's not about the Arabs. The Halachah insists that we purge the Land of all goyim, Arab or otherwise. This includes (but is not limited to) all Bedouins, Druzim, "regular Arabs", pagan Thai houseboys & bellhops, Philipino nurses &  cleaning women, Sudanese gangsters, European goyim who came to Israel under the "Law of Return" because they once slept with a Jew, x-tians (whether or not they themselves prey upon Jews), and the brazen interlopers from Chicago who call themselves "Black-Hebrews." All of them constitute a malignancy whose continued presence will cause the land to vomit us out. 

The Torah solution is the only solution. It's time to listen to the immortal words of Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood), whose call for Kiddush Hashem resonates loudly even twenty years after his death. The time has come to throw the goyim out, once and for all.

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