" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hornet's Nest (audio)

The haters of G-d, both Jewish and non-Jewish, often portray biblical warfare as an expression of violent degenerates who were mirroring the barbarism of their times. These fools are irrelevant. The Torah is eternal. The various manifestations (both old and new) of gentile morality have no commonality with the authentic truths of Torah. The Halachah is true, even when the law goes against the politically correct grain. I believe in fighting Jewish wars according to Jewish law. The Joshuah of the bible wasn't a primitive, he was a prophet. He was the successor to Moses, the greatest prophet of all, and the most righteous Jew that ever lived. Joshua was following the Halachah. He understood that you have to be merciless towards those who have no mercy, otherwise they will wallow in your blood. The Arabs and Muslims of the world are a testament to this eternal law of the Torah.

Biblical warfare was brutal. That's the way it must be when you fight evil people. Brutality towards the brutal. As the Chosen People, we cannot coexist with barbarians and idolaters. Physically, they are committed to our extermination, spiritually they defile our souls. During  a "milchemet mitzvah" (obligatory war), the Halachah demanded (and demands) total warfare against the enemy. This is the only model for fighting a war against the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. This is obviously a pipe-dream today, when you consider that the Israel of today is a G-dless state run by Jewish heathens. The "mercy of fools" is the prevailing ideology.

Gaza 2011. Hamas-Land. Let's be honest for a moment. Gaza isn't a civilian region (click on link for video). Bombing Gaza into oblivion is at the very least, the moral equivalent of bombing Dresden during WWII. Now I know that there are sick people today, (many of them Jews) who would have opposed this moral action which ended the war a day earlier than it might have. Anyone with common sense understands that there were no "innocent Germans" in a society that allowed a Hitler to arise, and a Holocaust to consume European Jewry. Similarly, there are no civilians in Gaza today, a place where they distribute candy in the streets whenever some human disease detonates himself in a crowd of Jews. Innocent civilians? They don't exists in Gaza. Let the innocent civilians pick up and leave or revolt, if they disagree with the tactics of Hamas. Otherwise, let them reap the punishment of the Torah.

I am not a ghoul. Despite what my detractors might think, I have no innate blood-lust within me that desires carnage. I value the lives of decent people, including the lives of decent gentiles. But I understand that one cannot live with a genocidal enemy. The recipe for such foolishness is another Holocaust. I am calling for the application of the Halachah, as it was articulated by the sword of King David and codified as the Halachah by Maimonides.

That is why I want to see Gaza drowned in napalm and allowed to burn itself clean. Then we can bring back the dispossessed victims of Sharon's War Crime and allow them to resume their lives. Every shekel of reparation should be paid for by the State. A national sin should be repaired by the institution that committed the sin, not by the generosity of world Jewry. May we see it with our eyes.

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  1. Gaza is the toilet of the Arab world. They are so repulsive that Sadat refused to take the Strip even as he demanded every inch of the Sinai. I think we'd be doing them a favor if we nuked Gaza into oblivion.


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