" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Rocket's Red Glare (audio)

I recorded this angry polemic while driving home this evening. Foolish me. The truce was already signed. The skies seemed to indicate otherwise. Four rockets flashed in the sky one after the other. Perhaps the false god of the left, "Iron Dome" intercepted them. Perhaps not. The smell of chemical destruction and burning permeated the atmosphere. Hamas was still trying to kill us. And our leaders were allowing it.

As I predicted, Netanyahu (and his impotent henchmen) betrayed the country again. Making deals with the devil. Groveling before the anti-semites of the Obama administration. And so, the denizens of the south will continue to live with the daily hell of trauma and terror.

The rockets continue to fall this night. Evidently, no one informed the rockets that Hamas signed a truce earlier this evening.

Would you send your children to school tomorrow?

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  1. talking into a tape recorder is not going to help,the ONLY answer to this criminally insane TRAITOROUS self hating and jew hating government,is a bloody revolution,the people of Israel MUST rise up,and by the millions march up to jerusalem to that insane asylum called the Knesset,and physically drag out those traitorous gangsters whose hands are dripping with jewish blood,and hang them on the nearest lampost,and install a government that will protect it's land and it's people

  2. Every now and then, a reader responds. Your comment has a certain flavor to it that falls into one of three categories. 1) Crazy person (probably living in America), 2) Shabak agent, 3) ADL intern

    First of all take a deep breath and get ahold of yourself. Pop a prozac or whatever psychotropic you currently take. Stop typing in capital letters, it only makes you look crazier. And I thought I was angry.

    I'm flattered that you listened to my lengthy tape-recorded rant. As an aside, it was recorded while rockets were being fired right in front of my eyes. I believe that at least three of them were taken out mid-air by the highly over-rated Iron Dome ( a fine technology, but hardly the solution).

    Perhaps you're just some Shabak loser trying to bait me into what you would call incitement. Stop wasting your time and mine. I'm smarter than you are. Or maybe you really are just some loser ADL intern trying to uncover Jewish extremism on the web. Who the hell knows? Or cares?

    If you really believe in what your writing, I would suggest that you stop tipping your hand. The Jewish Fist is a forum where I write and speak my mind. I never present it as the salvation of Israel or as a sufficient response to the insanity around us. To quote the late great Rabbi Meir Kahane (may The Almighty avenge his blood), I have this blog because I want to incite Jews into thinking about critical issues pertaining to Jews and Israel. And to further quote this greatest of Jews, a reminder that a Jewish fist must always be connected to a Jewish head. If you really meant what you wrote, you certainly wouldn't post it as a response to my audio. As a crazy person you must know, that at least in this case, they really are listening.

    If the sentiments you express are real, I fear that you have neither the Jewish head to discern, nor the fist to raise up.


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