" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kill Them Now!

"Operation Cast Lead" started off well, all things considered. Hardly an example of biblical warfare, but nevertheless, an impressive display of blood, fire, and Jewish vengeance. No thanks to the politicians in power, who only went to war after years of allowing Hamas to rain rockets on S'derot and the adjoining towns of the extreme Western Negev. Lagging polls, and the fear that rockets eventually be fired on Tel Aviv, prompted the lemmings to temporarily abandon their tactical policy of "havlagah". The credit for fighting the war goes solely to the men and women of the IDF. 

There was a moment of sanity when the gloves were taken off. The heartwarming images of hundreds of dead terrorists lining the streets. Fear in the eyes of the onlookers. The joys of Jewish vengeance and Kiddush Hashem. Then of course Israel's microphalluses intervened. The powerful initial blow that stunned Hamas was turned into Operation Flaccid Latka. Daily one-sided lulls in fighting, so that humanitarian aid trucks carrying "Chanukah goodies" could make their way to the inhumane civilians  of Gaza. Terrorists receiving medical treatment in Soroka Hospital. "Doctor, hurry, I need three CC's of _______  fast. I'm losing Akbar!"And of course the obscene display of weasel diplomacy, as Israel pathetically explained its right to live to the Jew-haters of the world.

Despite the efforts of these traitors, the IDF fought heroically. They made their way into Gaza. And then out of nowhere came the ceasefire. That glorious bit of diplomacy was a classic. The world hadn't seen such nobility since Neville Chamberlain sliced off his balls and handed them to Hitler. "Sir, would you be so kind as to hold on to these for me? I won't be needing them anymore." Peace in our times indeed. 

The savages of Hamas abrogated the "ceasefire" from the start. Hours after agreeing to it, they bombarded the Negev with a barrage of rockets. Just to test the ceasefire, of course, to make sure it was legit. Then came the mortar and sniper attacks on the IDF, and attempts to smuggle weapons into Gaza. Finally today, 1 IDF soldier was killed and 3 were wounded, in an explosion near Kissufim

Israel needs to re-enter Gaza and destroy Hamas. They should first open up the Tanach and read how Jewish wars are supposed to be fought. Rule # 1, faith in The Almighty. Rule # 2, No politicians. No international diplomacy. No one-sided "temporary lulls in fighting" for humanitarian aid trucks carrying aid to the enemy. No restraint to prevent civilian casualties. There are no civilians in a society that elects Hamas. I will paraphrase a statement that Rabbi Kahane (H"YD) made years ago. All the Arabs in Gaza are not worth the life of one Jew. (For that matter, all the Arabs in the world are not worth the life of one Jew.)  When the job is done, when the hornets nest has no more hornets, begin Phase II. Throw the Arabs out and welcome the Jews of Azza home

What will the world think? Who the hell cares? The world will think what it thinks, what it has always thought. They will think that we killed Jesus and poisoned their wells. They will think that we drink gentile blood and rape christian girls. They will think that we control the world banks. They will think the Arab/Muslim versions of the above lies, that are alive and well throughout the Arab/Muslim world. 

The world has more horses and chariots. It doesn't matter. We Jews have The Almighty on our side. If we follow His Will the world will see a different Jew. Let us follow the laws of Jewish war and  kill the enemy, before he kills us.


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