" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

American Jewry: Sucking Down American Shmaltz

I recently returned to Israel after a short visit to the states. As far as I can tell, the American Jew is as fat as ever from feeding on the marrow of the "goldena medina". Like all fat Jews throughout history, American Jews refuse to see the warning signs. A devastating economic collapse that will become more devastating, and will eventually bring the masses to their knees. As the anti-semites from the left and the right wriggle out of the woodwork, the Jews will become the sacrificial lamb. Jewish history 101. Unfortunately, American Jews would sooner part with their firstborns than make aliyah. America is too damn seductive a mistress, and Jews are terrible students of history.

The modern-orthodox Jews of Riverdale were kicked in the kishkes after the recent terrorist attempt to blow up a local synagogue. (These terrorists are U.S. citizens and if I am correct three were actually born in the states. Homegrown poison.) These savages didn't care that so many of the liberal congregants that they wanted to kill supported Oslo and voted for Obama. They wanted to tear Jewish throats open.

There was never a more receptive climate for the enemy to feed. King Hussein Obama, the racist, black supremacist, Muslim-appeasing demagogue is destroying the U.S. with his deeds and his words, and bringing terror that much closer to American soil. America is receiving the curse that the Almighty promised those that war with Abraham. "I will bless those who bless thee, and curse those who curse thee." American Jewry, pack your bags and come home to Israel. Things are going to get bad.

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  1. B"H

    So, what I want to know is why the heck aren't these Jews on a plane or here already.


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