" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Good Bedouins

If you're driving down to Eilat, you'll probably take Route 40 through the heart of the Negev. The sheer vastness of the desert is remarkable, and the landscape is often quite beautiful. This is as open and protected as it gets in Israel, where environmental conservation (for obvious reasons) has never been a priority. The highlight is the winding descent into Israel's largest erosion crater, Machtesh Ramon, which also happens to be one of Israel's most magnificent sights.

But not everything is so beautiful along Route 40. The discerning eye cannot help but notice the unbridled land-grabbing of the Bedouins, who simply steal state land and squat on it. The government ignores them; addressing the problem would be tantamount to admitting that a Bedouin problem exists. This doesn't exactly mesh with the Leftist mythology of "the loyal Bedouins." With their limited intellect, liberals and other misguided screwballs willfully overlook what's going on. These simpletons have bought the myth, and romanticized these fiends into charming denizens of the desert. They find amusement in the occasional "Camel Crossing" signs, or by watching the herds of ravenous goats (many of them stolen from Jews) that gobble up everything green, and periodically cross the road under the eyes of a decrepit Bedouin. It's time for these fools to meet the real Bedouin. The face of primitive degenerates who are nursed on violence and theft. And lest one forget, this particular breed of locust is a polygamist, and his birthrate mirrors that of the maggot.

The Bedouin squatter towns are all centers of crime and corruption. Every dirty enterprise in Israel involving prostitution, drugs, and weapon smuggling can be traced to Bedouins, along with a laundry list of other criminal enterprises. The Bedouin penchant for stealing pipes, cables, railroad tracks, public art, and selling it for scrap metal is well known. Less known is the rampant extortion of Bedouin gangs who squeeze money out of untold numbers of Jewish businesses and Jewish run farms. The few who refuse to be extorted suffer threats, theft, beatings, arson/other property destruction, and sometimes even death. Last year, one Jew was stabbed repeatedly on his rural farm by a Bedouin gang that ambushed him one night. Miraculously, he survived. Some Jews simply disappear and aren't heard from again. The desert is vast, and the Bedouins know where to bury things that they don't want the authorities to find.

Rahat is a notorious Bedouin village that the Left likes to portray as "moderate." But if you pay attention, you'll notice that Rahat is in the news a lot. Not long ago two Bedouins from Rahat were indicted for their involvement in Al Qaida. This past April, another four Bedouins were arrested for throwing firebombs at motorists on Route 40. You didn't hear about this act of terror because of what is known as a "gag order." (I only stumbled upon it as a blurb in an Arutz Sheva article.) That's what they call it when they keep you in the dark about Bedouin terrorism. They don't want you to know that Route 40 can be dangerous, and that Bedouins might even firebomb your car. Another thing that doesn't exactly square with the image of "Hazuz the Happy Bedouin" that the Left sows into the brains of every schoolchild. The portrait of a noble savage who wants to share his tea and "Arab bread" in the confines of a traditional Bedouin tent. (The obligatory 'spend a night in an authentic, traditional, Bedouin hut' that Birthright forces upon the youth who sign up with them is an example of this insanity. Perhaps the sickest part is the availability of mehadrin shish kebab to accommodate their religious guests.)

*I suspect that the powers that be were also concerned that full disclosure might put a damper on peoples plans to drive down to Eilat for Pesach. Tourism dollars.

During the pre-state years, many Jews were murdered on the rural roads of Israel. Who butchered them? Who were these beasts of yesteryear? They were the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the fiends we see today spreading like a contagion across the desert. Another virus on a laundry list of viruses that Israel chooses to ignore. It is only a matter of time before this Bedouin fifth column wages a Bedouin intifada. Unfortunately, the Leftists will only wake up when they can't drive to Eilat.

We just finished celebrating the festival of Shavuot, which marks an unprecedented event in world history. The entire Jewish nation witnessed the mass revelation of the Torah on Mount Sinai, a claim that no other religion would dare to make. With the Torah comes the awesome responsibility to follow it in entirety, including those sections that might make certain Jews uncomfortable, such as the commandment to burn down an Ir Hanidachat (idolatrous town) and the brutal laws of Jewish warfare.

Forget about Arabs for a moment. The Halachah insists that we purge the Land of any and all goyim, be they Arab or otherwise. The Halachah requires this as the most preliminary measure that we are Jews are required to take upon entering the Land. The time to sanctify The Almighty's name is now. We need to spread the undiluted Torah message without any concern for the consequences. The good news is that as far as the Bedouins are concerned, it'll be easy to steamroll over their scrap metal cockroach colonies.

Shabbat Shalom.

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  1. it's to bad that these ideas did not die with the execution of your fuhrer.

    A real Zionist Jew

  2. You call yourself a real Zionist? What makes you a real Zionist, Mr. Anonymous Eunuch? The fact that you have such self-loathing that you ignore Arab atrocities against Jews, and demonize the few Jews who have the courage to point them out? Obviously you don't believe in the Torah, because if you did, my ideas wouldn't bother you. So you're a secular Zionist, who thinks that it's OK to return to a land 2000 years later based on what? History? Guess what schmuckface, the Caananites also had a history and we destroyed them and took over their country. Grotesque self-loathing Jews such as yourself are the stuff that the capos were made of. You call yourself a Zionist? You're a Zionist like Kastner was a Zionist, and with any luck, you'll end up just like him. I get such nachas knowing how much I agitate you. Keep reading. With any luck you'll have a heart attack.

  3. By the way, if you ever said something obscene like that to my face, I'd tear your trachea out with my hands.

  4. Anonymous:

    Ahmed, why do hide behind childish monikers like "real zionist jew", when its clear you're either David Duke's illegitimate troglodydic inbred son or some equally inbred stone-worshipping Arab sodomite bitter over being raped by his entire extended family?


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