" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two Screwballs Down, Many More To Go.

It's always nice to see two Jewish traitors kick the bucket in the same week. First Moshe Hirsch and then David Foreman, may the names and memories of these self-hating deviants be erased. Although they came from opposite ends of the diseased Jewish spectrum, both were enemies of the Torah, who followed the path of their warped ideologies and aided the Arabs/Muslims in their quest to destroy Am Yisroel. Both men easily earned the terrible title of "mosrim" (informers), which carries the ultimate Halachic price.

Forman is dead, and I couldn't be happier. The old Talmudic debate is moot. It would have been better for this pervert never to have been born. In his capacity as an activist, educator, writer, and Reform "rabbi", Forman was committed to the destruction of yahadut, and supplanting it with his skewed pluralistic Hellenized ideology. A self-loathing lemming, Forman dedicated his life to destroying Jewish souls through his distorted teachings masquerading as Judaism. It didn't help matters that he had a regular forum to disseminate his toxin in Israel's "right-wing" rag, The Jerusalem Post.

Like many Hellenists who purport to fight for "human rights" (always at the expense of Jews), Forman had Jewish blood on his hands. He humanized the Arabs and demoralized Israel with his constant attempts to spread his brand of "humanistic","pluralistic", and "enlightened Judaism". And so naturally, when Peres and Rabin illegally rammed the treasonous Oslo Accords down Israel's throat, Forman became one of its strongest supporters. And he never stopped battling the Torah until the very end.

Here are some of Forman's accomplishments. Further evidence that the "mixed multitude" isn't lazy:
  • Ordained as a "rabbi" of the Cincinnati Campus of Hebrew Union College in 1972. Made aliyah that same year, at which point he went on to spread his poison to the Israeli masses as a prominent member of the "mixed multitude."
  • Longtime writer for The Jerusalem Post, where he was given a forum to destroy the minds of confused Israelis with his goyish ideas of pacifism and peace and "The Tao of the Jewish Eunuch."
  • Director of the Israel office of the Union for Reform Judaism (1976-2003), where he used his position to battle for the destruction of Halacha, and supplant it with Hellenism and western pluralism.
  • Chairman of Interns for Peace (1984-1986). Enough said.
  • Keynoted Nobel Institute Conference on "The Role of Religion In ME Peacemaking".
  • Member of Israeli delegation to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for the three headed peace monster of Peres, Rabin, and Arafat. That worked really well.
  • Founded Rabbis for Human Rights in 1988, Chairman (1988-92, 2002-03)-Fought for the rights of self-loathing Jews and Arabs. Human rights for me, not for thee.
  • Longtime critic of the Leftist State of Israel. Apparently it wasn't leftist enough for him.
First Moshe Hirsch and now David Forman. You know what would really make my week. If the screwball from Tekoah, "rabbi" Menachem Fruman kicked the bucket. It would be like the "Triple Crown" of Jewish nachas. The oddball sicko who regularly meets with Arab terrorists (and hugs and kisses them) was in the news again, after he visited an Arab village to show his disgust over an alleged arson attack against one of their mosques. (Even the police don't believe it was arson. But naturally, Fruman and his hosts disagree.) Fruman even offered to bring along some of his loony followers next time around to repair the mosque:

"The torching of a mosque, according to Jewish halacha, is equal to the torching of a synagogue. I will bring dozens of settlers to repair the burnt mosque."

Really? Where did you get your semichah, screwball? Every time I see Fruman in the news, one thought comes to my mind. This fruitcake is definitely working for the Shabak

"You must drive out all the Land's inhabitants before you....Clear out the Land and live in it, since it is you that I am giving the Land to occupy...If you do not drive out the Land's inhabitants, those who remain shall be as barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, causing you troubles in the Land that you settle. i will then do to you what originally planned to do to them." (Numbers, 33:52-53, 55-56) By the way, both the Targum Yerushalmi and the Sforno translate the phrase- "drive them out" as annihilate.

As far as showing tolerance for other religions, there is a halachic obligation to tear down the altars and houses of worship of any other religion in the land of Israel, be it pagan or monotheistic. It may be politically incorrect, but its the Halachah nevertheless. We know that when the Jews first entered the land of Israel, they sinned not only by allowing the Canaanites to remain in the land, but also because they neglected to destroy their altars.

'The angel of the L-rd came up from Gilgal to Bochim and said, "I made you go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the Land which I swore unto to your fathers, and I said....'You shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of the land. You shall smash their altars..."(Judges 2:1-2)

But I digress. Menachem Fruman may still have a pulse (unfortunately), but at least David Forman is gone. The Reform movement is mourning one of their most seasoned advocates. Here's some advice. Anytime you see the "erev rav" sitting shivah, you know that a celebration is in order. Unfortunately I ran out of beer, and I couldn't find the corkscrew, so I'll have to postpone the obligatory l'chaim until I get a cold one in my hands. Stay tuned.

Shabbat Shalom.

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