" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The Maccabeats" Revisited

I first wrote about the Maccabeats in December, when they posted their irritating Chanukah video on YouTube and registered an incredible amount of hits. I don't want to regurgitate my original post which addresses why I maintain that this "Jewish" boy-band constitutes a danger to Judaism, (not to mention, an affront to good music). If you're interested, check out, Hellenism Personified- the "Maccabeats" . But if there weren't enough reasons to dislike them, here's another one. And its a whopper.

As the author of "The Jewish Fist" blog, I keep tabs on various x-tian missionaries. During some recent research, I discovered to my horror that one missionary group in particular had posted the Maccabeats recent Purim video on their website. Heres' a screen capture of this outrage:

This is a standard tactic of the missionaries, who use any method to lure Jews. Deception, deceit, distortion, and downright lying. The use and obvious misuse of traditional Jewish symbols, stereotypes, humor, aspects of Jewish folk culture, and Jewish pop icons (such as the Maccabeats). Naturally, I immediately emailed the Maccabeats to apprise them of this development. I waited a few days, and when I hadn't heard from them, I sent another email. Still no response a week later. So I sent another email. And still I wait.

I am not suggesting that the Maccabeats are any way connected to, or supportive of missionaries. I don't believe that. What I am suggesting is that they aren't bothered when a notorious missionary group posts their Purim video on their website. I am suggesting that egotism coupled with a whopping mega dose of galuti "Torah Umada" and general screwed up deot has rendered them apathetic and disinterest to issues of genuine Jewish import, such as the blatant unauthorized misuse of one of their videos by missionaries to prey on Jewish souls. 

Don' tell me that they haven't checked their email. Nonsense. The Maccabeats are performing across the U.S. at many Jewish events, (including private semachot) and without a doubt, they are making good money for their performances. They are the Jewish equivalent of the Backstreet boys, and they're not about to lose a gig because they forgot to check their email. They're reading their emails. They just don't give a damn. 

Contact the Maccabeats and tell them that you give a damn: Phone #: (347) Phone #: (347) 836-9086 Email: info@maccabeats.com  And while you're at it, you can suggest some testosterone therapy. Maybe they could get a group rate.

The Maccabeats couldn't have a more ill-suited name. If the Maccabees had listened to this fruity garbage, they would've been killed on the battlefield. The Maccabeats themselves would have fared worse. With their effeminate music and mannerisms, they would have been made into dancing boys by their pederast Greek captors. It's ironic that the Maccabeats put out music videos for Jewish holidays, which commemorate the victory of the Jewish soul and body respectively, over our spiritual and physical oppressors. They haven't a clue about either festival. The Maccabeats epitomize the disease of American "modern-orthodoxy" which isn't content to merely wallow in the material mire of the diaspora, but even worse, celebrates it as a virtue. 

Whether fighting those who would destroy our souls, or those who would cut our throats, the Maccabeats have nothing to offer young Jews, other than a whole lot of screwed up deot and distorted notions of gender identity. A word of advice for all Abas and would be Abas. Giving your son a Maccabeats CD is like giving him a Barbie doll (or Ken doll) for Chanukah. Do so at your own risk. And his.

Boycott the Maccabeats. Preserve the legacy of Purim and Chanukah. 

As far as missionary groups such as the Rosh Pinah Project go, you already know my stance. See what the Torah states about idolaters. One who preys on the Jewish soul is like one who preys on the Jewish body. Both are types of vermin that need to be destroyed. With G-d's help, the day will soon come when the Law of the Torah is applied against them all. Totally, without compromise, and without any mercy. May we see it in our times.


  1. Hahahahahaha!!! This is amusing. You really need a hug.

  2. Wow...You're a bit of a closed minded idiot. jealous much of their success?

  3. Ah the anonymous freaks who live and breath to read my blog. These two comments appear to be the handiwork of a 35 year old bi-polar eunuch who still lives with his mother. What a life. Up at the crack of dawn and he's fawning about hugging me. In the evening, when the sun goes down, along with his mania, I'm an idiot in his eyes. And then the fool accuses me of being jealous that I'm not a flamboyant sissy member of the effeminate Maccabeats? I thank Hashem everyday that I'm not a Maccabeat. (Shelo Asani lady-boy.)

    The Maccabeats are losers, but even worse, they are apathetic, selfish, cowards who aren't bothered by the fact that known missionaries are using their videos to steal Jewish souls. One who would defend these grotesque individuals is no better than they are. Pathetic and tragic. "The Hellenist Eunuchs" would be a better name for the band.


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