" Thou comest to me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come to thee in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast humiliated..." (I Samuel, 17:45-47)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu: Reflections On Nausea

Netanyahu shakes hands with the Arab Hitler.
The popular notion among the camps of the "respectable" right-wing  is that Netanyahu is some sort of hero standing up and fighting the good fight. It is beyond nauseating. Only an ignorant man would label this fraud a leader. Bibi is weakness personified. A shell of bravado, arrogance, and eloquence masquerading as leadership. I'll give you one thing. Bibi knows how to speak to Republican goyim, particularly if they are devout. But he lacks the courage to speak Torah truth to them. He lacks the insight and conviction of the Torah, period.

Right-wing? I suppose it depends upon your definition. Bibi speaks of a false people and repeats his commitment to creating a state for them. He speaks of "moderate Arabs" and of a future demilitarized "palestinian" state while arming the PLO with assault rifles and allowing the American Esau to train them. Strong? With strength like this, one needs no weakness.

Netanyahu speaks of using restraint in the coming battles with the Arabs.

He continues to keep the capo/judenrat Ehud Barak as his Minister of Defense.

Netanyahu refuses to take back Gaza, wage a war to free Shalit, or demand Pollard's release.

Netanyahu refuses to avenge the slaughter of a Jew this past Pesach, Ben-Yosef Livnat, by the barbarians of the PLO. These are Bibi's peace partners.

Netanyahu is about as strong as Shimon Peres. If he were honest, he would join Kadima, as all the former Likud frauds did when they could no longer live with themselves. At least the devil would become more apparent.

Bibi is dangerous. He wants to break bread with those who murdered his own brother. And every day he spits in the face of his elderly father. I'm not impressed by one who fought hard in his youth to protect the country, and then betrayed it repeatedly as a politician.  No one on earth or beyond has the right to relinquish even an inch of the holy soil to goyim, even if the goy comes with a olive branch. Benjamin Netanyahu may be your Prime Minister. He's not mine.

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